Ziggy Stry

Music Producer, Mix/Master Engineer, Songwriter

As a producer and engineer, I work in Pro Tools. I enjoy combining analog sounds and instruments with modern technology, making use of keyboards such as the Korg Kronos, the Roland MV-8800 sampler/drum machine, as well as midi instruments such as Komplete Kontrol by Native Instruments. I can make ideas from scratch, and also can create ideas out of acapellas that are sent to me. If there’s an idea or style you’re going for, tell me what it is and I can create a track that will bring it to life. This can be done alone on my own end, however I also enjoy working together in the studio to create. As a songwriter, I can create song melodies, lyrics, and concepts to help bring your vision to life. Once written, I can record vocals on the spot to create a song.
As a mix engineer, I’ll have a client send bounced stems to me. From there I’ll bring them into my Pro Tools session utilizing Universal Audio plugins along with a mix of various others such as Waves, Izotope, and more to send back a professional grade mix. If needed, I can also master the mix.

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