Chaz Bell

song writer, vocalist, engineer, mixing, guitarist

I have been a do-it-yourself career musician for over 15 years working under the stage name, Slug Christ. I have written, produced, recorded, mixed, engineered all my own songs and can do the same for your music. I’ve worked with many popular artists; Lil Peep, Playboi Carti, Maxo Kream, Father, Keith Ape, Abra, ect. I have done synchronization work by way of scoring videogames and documentaries. I am a multi-instrumentalist with a focus on guitar and vocals. I have also played in many bands ranging from the guitarist/singer of an indie rock band to the vocalist of a grindcore band. I attended SCAD-Atlanta as a painting major. in 2020 I released my first book, “Encyclopaedia Supermundane” which was written and illustrated by Me. I have done countless pieces of album art for myself and my peers, and many painting commissions of kinds for clients.

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