Antony Venneri

Guitar player,music producer,music composer

Music is life to me,I spend most of my time with music,I am a guitar player,music producer,songwriter and recording artist. My stage name is Shiny Glide and I have released several albums totally written recorded and produced by me. I also create my own music videos for my songs and for other artists too.I am constantly creating,writing and releasing new original material on all the streaming platforms. I am a very eclectic and original sounding musician and music composer,I am very intuitive and versatile,I work hard and fast and I really love to experiment with different styles and sounds. I work with my daw Studio One professional, a presonus studio 26c audio interface,an Artutia keystep midi controller,a Rode nt1a cardioid condense microphone,a Fender stratocaster and Fender telecaster and an Ibanez Avc9ce.

I need wave files of your songs and reference tracks

I am an alectric guitar player, music producer and composer,I offer good quality sound,originality and experience,I am specialized in indie rock,bedroom pop,lofi,soft rock,psychedelic rock.

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