Music Producer/Sound Designer/Drummer

Multi-Faceted Music Producer & Sound Designer based in Los Angeles with over 15 years of experience with Drums & Percussion and over 10 years of experience in Digital Music Production and Audio Recording. Currently working on sample packs & educational Music Production content

If you would like me to provide written drums to a production of yours you will obviously need to provide me with the track itself, as well as some information about the track such as the genre, the mood/vibe/energy that you are going for, and your general idea of how you want your drums performed and mixed (such as aggressively played and in the front of the mix for something like metal, or perhaps with a lazy/dragged feel and a bit softer for for something like an indie rock track.)

As far as Mixing and Mastering it is pretty standard. For Mixing I require at least the main group stems with the drum stems separated out individually. For Mastering, stems are still preferred, but a simple bounce of your mixdown at -3db tops is what I would need for Bass Music. VERY light limiting to catch your peaks is okay, but I will not be able to master a brick-walled sausage so be careful if using a limiter.

I offer Mixing and Mastering services – mainly geared towards Bass Music –  as well as providing professional quality, personally crafted, realistic-sounding virtual drum tracks to fit your next production, with included MIDI and all individual drum audio stems. I use a variety of different plugins and kontakt drum libraries so I can always have the right kit and sound that will fit your track.

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