Brianna Ross

Professionally Trained Vocalist

I’m a black non-binary femme who’s been professionally trained for about 10 years (since 18 years old). I use my music to address issues regarding the LGBTQ community, racism, sexism, ableism, and mental health issues ( specifically for the black community [psych major]).

Make sure the music in the background is complete and provide guidelines for how to lyrics, provide lyrics yourself, how to record them, or what you’re looking for when I master your songs. If you have examples, please direct me to where you want me to go. Only one gig per project meaning you can only request background then request lead once the background is completed. Each service is 30 dollars

I can sing both background and lead vocals. I also have intermediate experience in mastering songs (hip-hop, lofi, r and b, and neo-soul specifically). My voice is pretty strong with a large vocal range.

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