Vocalist | Lyricist | Ghostwriter | Music Promoter

Arts define the rules, not the other way round. That’s how I see music. Be sure that I will treat & raise your project as if it is my own baby. If you’re looking for a vocalist with a charismatic, deep voice or if you need someone to write your lyrics and some edgy catchy melodies → I’m your man!

I deeply care about each project. I’m specialised in writing those small and big life-written stories that people can relate to with an unmistakable vibe. I’m that kind of tireless vocalist with no fear of musical genre boundaries who’s only satisfied when you are. I don’t care about ego, I only care about the song and I’m willing to do whatever is needed to make each and every song the best possible version of it.
Plus: I work fast.
PlusPlus: I’m always here to support your releases. I love marketing!

I have my own studio with top of the line gear and you’ll get the recorded stems to mix and edit it the way you want.

Send over your song and your ideas and we’ll start making something amazing together!

Sing your song and provide pro vocals
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Lerocque: Veneno
Lerocque: Hanging Out With The Cool Kids