Mad Steex Production

Sound Producer Mix/Master engineer

Professional services with Analog and Digital processing. – Mixing and Mastering, Recording, Reamping with modern and vintage amplifiers and cabinets, guitar pedals, and high quality microphones. – Session Guitarists – Composing Drum Tracks

Professional services: Recording – Mixing – Mastering, Reamping, Guitar Sessions.
Hybrid Process (Analog to obtain that warm sound and Digital processing to get that tight and detailed sound).

“Work with passion ’cause music is life”

Give Professional Sound to your songs!
With our dedicated REAMPING online service you can get great guitar/bass tones with high quality analog gear and best plugins on the market.
We have lot of amplifiers such as Marshall JVM410h, Driftwood Purple Nightmare, Supro Amps, Panam Amps etc and David Laoga Cabinet with a collection of speakers to choose from.

Give Professional Sound to your songs!
Dedicated Mastering online service, you can get fully high quality results making your songs sound perfect through every kind of audio support.

Why 1 day and not instantly?

Well, we do not use any artificial intelligence to master your song, we simply use the and old way, HUMAN EARS!
We need 1 Day cause the song have to be listened by sound engineer to make any decision on the sound and how to build that, but in this way we can reach the best results.

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