Pavl Sanches

Producer, Audio Engineer and Songwritter

I’m Pavl, a producer and artist from Madrid, Spain. I’ve been producing since 2018 and rapping since 2015. I’ve release 2 studio albums and this 2021 I’ll be realesing a ton of singles. My main genres are Hip Hop, R&B, Lo-Fi and Pop but I also worked with Rock, Electroswing, etc.

Beatmaking/Producing: I need some type of demo or reference idea of what you want.

I offer my services as:
-Producer, making arrangements and beats
-Audio Engineer, mixing and mastering tracks
-Songwritter, writting melodies and lyrics for songs

I work on Fl Studio to produce, mix and master my tracks on my home studio. I play bass, guitar and piano for my arrangements and beats, but also use a lot of electronic elements. I’ve produce all my own discography, which includes 2 albums and my future singles and collaborations that will be realease through 2021. Also I make beats that I sell on Beatstars and I have a YouTube channel where I make covers and other things.

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Yuri Gagarin - Pavl Sanches
There is Another Day - Pavl Sanches ft. Diana