Veronica Largiu

Session Singer Songwriter Berklee College Graduate

Veronica Largiu is an Italian musician, actress and content creator based in Madrid, Spain. She’s been active in the music and film industry for 10 years, recording and touring with several projects in Europe, South America and in the US.
Some of her latest appearances include ‘Mil Campanas’ the musical and the latest movie production by Universal ‘Explota, Explota’.

I usually need lyrics and instrumental of the song. If I have to write lyrics only the instrumental.

My areas of expertise are session singing, songwriting and lyric writing.
I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Voice and Music Education from ICMP (London) and a Master’s Degree in Vocals and Production from Berklee College of Music.
I am familiar with all contemporary styles (rock, blues, jazz, r&b, soul, funk. etc..) but I easily adapt my voice to other styles if necessary.
Besides session singing I love songwriting. I’m very good at creating strong and catchy melodies, great lyrics and powerful harmonies.
I like experimenting a lot with my voice to bring out different sounds, colors and textures.
I’m sure that I can take your track to the next level!

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