Chef Major

Remote Muic Producer/ Mix Engineer and Artist

Coming From Hartford CT, it seemed like an impossible dream to be able to make it in music as there were very limited outlets for aspiring musicians to choose from. But with the help of advancing technology and the internet, those distant dreams became a possible reality for hopeful musicians such as myself. I started writing rhymes when I was in middle school but only for fun. I started actually making music during my second year of college with a friend of mine after I discovered fl studio that past the summer. Over the years from there I steadily became more proficient at making beats, mixing and mastering, and recording. After a while I stepped back from the recording process and focused more on making beats and mixing/mastering. I started selling beats in 2015 when I discovered that it was possible to making a living off of doing so. with times changing and my everlasting desire to evolve I started focusing less on selling beats and more so on just the art so I started working with a number of artist as well as creating my own music. I am now in a space where I do it all and am just looking to grow from here.

FOR MIXING : send the files from your DAW or computer. if it is a song send the whole song as a file and then send the files of the song seperately

FOR BEATS: I will first refer you to my website or my YouTube channel because its very possible that the sound you are looking for is on there. But if what you are looking for is not there or if you want something fresh, I will ask you what type of sound you are going for and then from there I will send you ideas until something for you clicks.

FOR VOCAL Features: Send Me your song and I will do what I do

I do all of my work on Fl studio 20 from recording, mixing and mastering and producing. I have an abundance of different sounds in my library so I can go in many different directions with my sound or even your.

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