Professional Vocalist

I have been a vocalist for over 20 years, I enjoy expressing myself vocally through personal style & song and I love doing this professionally, I endeavor to deliver luxurious and desirable vocals, which leave people wanting to hear more. Music is especially important to me and to people, I believe it touches the soul and has the power to take people to places, I love to sing a range of genres and styles, such as soul, jazz, R&B, reggae, rock, pop, dance, and drum & bass, I have always performed live at various venues, public & corporate events.

– Please provide me with the Instrumental and Written Lyrics (PDF)
– You can provide stems (for mixed/Mastered extra) or Mp3/Wav or your track(s)

I am a professional vocalist/songwriter and recording artist and I can sing multiple genres including Jazz, Soul, R&B, Pop, and Reggae. I take pride and value in my work and more importantly yours.

– 2 Free Revisions – $70 per revision thereafter
– Up to 7 Day Turnaround

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