Jay Peters

Producer / Mix engineer

Thanks for visiting my profile page.

I have been a Producer and Mix engineer of 20yrs, and musician for 35yrs. Highly skilled in delivering Radio Ready productions on time. An excellent communicator and passionate about my job. I am 100% committed to adding value to your music and audio production projects.

I have produced, mixed and mastered music for Automatic Records, Atonal Measure Records, Transient Records, Snapper Music, Spitfire Records and Blue Water Music Nashville.

I am experienced in Mixing, Mastering and producing songs for;
Americana, Rock, Pop Electronica, EDM, Afrobeat, RnB

I mix and work ’In the Box’ allowing me to comfortably process audio and 3rd party plugins at 48KHz 24 bit.
My monitoring is Focal and Lavry converters to obtain the highest clarity when monitoring and detailing a mix.

If you’re looking for an engineer who will engage with you on your creative vision then please feel free to reach out and tell me about your project and how I can help.

A rough mix is always a great start, if you have one.
It saves time and helps me understand your vision.

All Audio files to be labelled.

A Lyric sheet is very helpful


• UAD suite
• Waves
• Soundtoys
• Plugin Alliance
• Eventide
• Sonnox
• iZotope
• Klanghelm
• Native Instruments
• Melda Production
• Valhalla
• Celemony

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask,

All the best

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Easier - Mix Master - V1 - R8
La da da- Mix Master - V4 - R6