Matteo Monicelli

Professional Live/Session Drummer

I will provide the recorded song as a single track and/or with multiple stems (at least 7). I will send everything already mixed, or if you prefer I can also send every raw track.

I record the drum tracks at my home studio, with a variety of drum heads and cymbals.

Gretsch Brooklyn GB-E404
Snare: 14 x 5 ½
Tom: 12 x 8
Floor Tom: 14 x 14
Kick: 20 x 14

Zildjian A Series 14″ New Beat Hi Hat
Zildjian A Series 18″ Medium Crash
Zildjian A Series 18″ Fast Crash
Zildjian A Series 20″ Ping Ride
Zildjian 10″ FX Stack
Zildjian A Series 8″ Splash
Zildjian ZXT 8″ Trashformer
Stagg 8″ Splash
Sabian AAX 20″ Chinese

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Drum Cover of Run by Foo Fighters