Federico Tarquini

I can record guitars and compose/mix music

Hi! I’m a musician from Mar del Plata, Argentina. I’m a guitar player, composer and producer. I can work on your songs, even recording or producing ideas for it. Also, I can compose original music for you (If you are a singer, a band member or in relation with movies/theatre projects).

I will need your ideas first: What do you want?
If you want me to record a guitar on your song, let me listen to the song first, even If is a draft version. If you have a score or a chart with chords. better! So I can be more accurate.
I can mix your song. It will be very useful for me to have a reference, maybe some links in which you can share with me your music intentions and styles.
I can compose music from zero also with an example first or even a write down idea of what do you need for your project.

I can record guitars (nylon, steel string and electric) and bass guitar.
I can mix your music (you can send to me the stems).
I can compose music (from zero, maybe with some of draft ideas that you have in mind or you can provide me some examples).

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Funk guitar sample played by me
"The nearness of you" by Hoagy Carmichael with lyrics by Ned Washington. This version is a production of John Graham. I played nylon guitar here.