Marcello Vieira

Professional Session Singer -Topliner- Producer

Do you have a lyric, a melody or an idea in your head and need help transforming it into a complete song?
You have the song already and just need that killer vocal to make it shine?
Talk to me!

🔥 I also work with a great team of top musicians and mix/master engineers so I can offer you a great complete package with vocals and full production for your song, including professional mixing and mastering.🔥

I deeply care about each project, I am versatile, flexible, with a 5 octave vocal range, very easy to work with and I can adapt really fast and give you that extra edge you want on your project.
And the best part? My ego won’t interfere in YOUR project!

I have my own studio with top of the line gear and you’ll have a dry mix high quality recording of my work, so you can mix and edit the way you want (I can also provide a track with my mix).

Songwriting with share ownership with client and work for hire negotiable.

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Demo Reel Rock/Metal
Demo Reel EDM