Nick Evans

Professional Vocalist & Pianist

Professional solo vocalist and pianist with 23 years of live performance experience with special love of pop and rock ballad music sometimes with a classical crossover mixed in.

Starting my musical passion at the early age of 5 I spent my early years through school gaining ABRSM Grade 8 levels with various instruments including Piano & Vocals. I then went onto take a specialist A-Level in ‘Pre-Professional Music’ combining Music Performance and Music Technology. Since then I have been performing across a varied spectrum, for example; Guest slots in Choral Society Concerts, Solo performances at local jazz and musical theatre / pop music events including a number of charity supported events, Wedding services (signing of the register slots).

Key to gaining the desired result is well understood Customer requirements captured up front. The phrase “fail to plan, plan to fail” springs to mind. So a quality up front information gathering session will be crucial. Depending on whether you have a ready made song or project available for me to collaborate on (currently I use Studio One Pro DAW) or whether you are just starting with an idea in your head (maybe a set of preferred lyrics, a chord structure and / or handful of melodic riffs) and would like to shape into a structured song then we can decide and more importantly agree during that initial conversation what the necessary next steps will be.

Professional and classically trained vocalist and pianist available to produce top grade lead vocals / piano tracks to your chosen song and genre, including comping backing vocals and adding own harmonies. I am able to cover a multitude of genres from Pop, Classical Pop, Choral, Classical to Musical Theatre and Rock / Pop ballads.

Able to take receipt of Studio pre-mixed stems or mixdown projects to record necessary tracks or events in a collaborative approach. Currently using Studio One Professional DAW.

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Awake - Piano & Vocals by Nick Evans
Love Like This - Cover by Nick Evans (Created & Produced)