Sebastian Mastering

Have worked with Andrés Cepeda, AlcolirykoZ, and more.

I believe that every project need a unique sound depending on the music and emotion that it could create. When I receive a project I try to understand all the things that are behind the creation because I believe that your recording is the consequence of a serie of events that you live. I think the result of the sound of your project is not just hardware or equipment, it is a sensitive ear and knowledge that allows me to make the best decisions and processes necessary to apply to your project.

All the revisions are included, the most important thing is your satisfaction.

Studio Gear
Antelope Zen Tour
TcC Electronic Studio Konnekt

Dynaudio BM6A
Custom Calibration System

Camilo Silva F custom summing amplifier
Orban 622B Parametric EQ
Elysia Xpressor
FMR Audio RNC1773
Aphex Aural Exiter Type III
DSP Processors
Universal Audio SOLO
Focusrite Liquid Mix

Studio One
DSP Quattro
Fab Filter PRO Q3
Fab Filter PRO L2
DMG Audio Multiplicity
Sonnox Oxford Limiter
All Plugins Alliance Software
MAAT Dynamic Range Meter
Eiosis AirEQ
Weiss DS1 – Softube Version

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