Jake Debono

Mixing and Mastering

I will mix any style and work with you back and forth until you are happy with the sound! I have worked with artists of all different genres from the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

My track ‘Investigators – Jake George’ released in 2019 was collaborated on with Dan Konopka from OK Go. The track has currently 45,000+ plays on Spotify and reviewed by Triple J’s Gemma Pike. I have had interviews published in Australian magazines Beat Magazine and Forte Magazine. I listen to a huge variety of music, I will mix any style, Pop, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Punk, EDM, Rock. Any references to songs similar sounding to your track, anything you want brought to life I can bring that into your mix. I include a master with the final mix as well!

I use Logic Pro from my home studio. I have Pro Plugins from Waves, Native Instruments, Melodyne, Reverb Machine, Abbey Road Drummer and more! I can clean your vocals up, add life to your guitars, make your bass sound low or make it really punch and focus on every aspect of your drum kit. Making your kick sound hard and your snare sound sharp. It all depends the style and how you want your track to sound.

I listen to a huge variety of music, I will take any demo recording you have and use my experience in creating the sound you are looking for
You will be able to hear as many sample mixes as you want during the process, so you can hear how the mix will sound when mastered

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