Seb Koehorst

Vocalist & Lyricist

A strong, diverse singing voice that spans 3 octaves. Comfortable with writing & performing blues, pop, heavy rock & rap styles. 15 years of singing experience, working with various artists & producers as both backing vocalist and lead singer.
I naturally sing a bit like Sting, in a similar range, but with a neutral english accent. However, I can comfortably go from Eminem-esque to McCartney-ish. If you have something else in mind, by all means ask for a quick free demonstration!
I regularly record and mix my own singer-songwriter work, using:
a T-Bone Professional Vocal Microphone, a Roland VT-3 Voice Transformer interface, Mixcraft software and Sennheiser HD280Pro headphones.
I would love to work on your project with you, regardless of how long or short it is. Being quite new to this whole freelance website game (but not to the vocalist game!), my prices are low but I deliver high quality stuff. I’m also up for any kind of work, from writing lyrics & composing, to creating a track from scratch, to performing vocals.

Every uploaded song on this page was entirely written, arranged and produced by myself, and all the vocals (except female harmonies) are my own.

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