Greg Inman

Professional Song Producer/Mix Engineer

Professional Music Producer/BeatMaker/ Engineer/ with roughly 15 years of experience in audio production and 10 years as an engineer. I’ve worked alongside a few major artists, and many unsigned artists. If you’re looking for a producer to help you create or bring your musical vision to life. Don’t be afraid to contact me, I’d love to help you!

My goal is to shape an artist’s sound as well as help them achieve their vision for their music. Specializing in Hip Hop, Pop R&B & Pop production (But DEFINTELY not afraid to step outside of my normal genres at all.) With my services I offer artist development with my main focus on helping them perfect: flow, delivery and song composition as well as provide mentorship to any artists that I work with. I assist in the arrangement of their vocals, to bring their songs from start to the best finished product possible. I am an experienced audio engineer with knowledge of mixing and mastering. I work in Pro Tools 12 HD, FL Studio 20, and many other software applications used for production and post production.

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