Simon Benegas

Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Vocalist

Hi there, I’m Simon Benegas, Indie Singer-Songwriter from Argentina, based in Miami, Fl.
I’m Berklee College of Music alum, passionate about songwriting and take a Songwriting approach to everything I do. I’m a strong believer of “Song First” and apply that as much as possible, although I can adapt to different needs depending on the style of the music I’m working on.
I’m excited to listen to your music, let’s talk!

Be as specific as you can about the vibe and style you want or envision. Provide as many references as possible.

– Songwriting: from starting from scratch all the way to just top lining, lyric writing or just reviewing and perfecting songs, I’m happy to help.
– Vocal recording: I record on my own home studio, packed with a Neve preamp and the legendary SM7b as well as a Condenser sE Electronics for a more transparent vocal sound. I also have access to the best professional studio in North Miami Beach.
– Production: getting your song from an idea to a full production. Or adding ideas and arrangements to an already advanced demo or project. Or helping out with decision making about performances and professionals to hire to play on the record. I have the knowledge and the connections to take your track to the next level.

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Sailing - Simon Benegas
Might - Simon Benegas Ft. Tiffany Wilson