Valerio Alessandri

Professional Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist

Top line writer (vocal melody)
I can write a melody for your instrumental tracks

Session Vocalist
I can record vocals for your song in my own studio. Using Røde NT2-A with Logic Pro X and Focusrite. I can adapt to different genres, thanks to my vocal studies which allow me to mould my voice according to necessity.

Songwriter – Music
I can write a song for you (melody + lyrics) starting from scratch.

Songwriter – Lyric
I can write lyrics for your melody / song.

String Arranger and Orchestral Composer
Can arrange, compose and program orchestral arrangements.
Using Kontakt Libraries on Logic Pro x

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Cotton - Valerio Lysander (music, lyrics, vocals, piano, harmonium, string arrangements by me)
I Don't Know Why It Happens - Valerio Lysander (music, lyrics, vocals, piano, orchestral and string arrangements by me)