Alessia Labate

Vocalist_Writer_Vocal Producer

I elevate the songs I work on by providing high-quality services: from writing, to recording and polishing vocals I do it all by myself on my PC. I have records on STMPD, Sirup, Loudkult, Proximity, NCN and NCS and I work behind-the-scenes for emerging artists based in Europe and the US, taking vocals to the next level with a very detailed tuning

instrumental track, vocal reference or vocal tracks if needed


– VOCALS _ Everything Pop & EDM
I adjust the instrumental to my vocal range and send you a demo. Once I have your feedback I wrap up vocals to be delivered

– WRITING _ I’m a lyricist and topliner
The song comes alive bit by bit and I only go forward once I get your detailed feedback
The melody usually comes first, then lyrics and then I wrap up final vocals or Demo

– VOCAL PRODUCTION _I fully produce vocals
after making sure the vocals are workable, I edit using a combination of skills and software

– The use of my name is not allowed without my explicit permission. Ask for it once the song is ready
– When writing, I require a % on publishing and royalties
– In regards to the commercial use of my melody, lyric or vocal performance, I reserve all rights
– Keep all the material inside the Gig Messages

Small changes are more than welcome if they elevate the song, but If revisions requests start to become pointless or discordant I’ll have to charge extra money

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Vocal Resume
Vocal Editing Resume