Alex Janes

Bass Player for Hire

I am a 19 year old bass, piano and guitar player, specializing in bass playing.

I am self taught on the bass and guitar and took piano lessons for 3 years from the age of 13.

I practice for 2-4 hours almost daily on the bass having taken inspiration from bands and artists such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, The Killers and Coldplay to have come up with a style of playing that is a fusion of metal, pop/alternative and funk.

I currently play in a band called Carbon Daydreams which is an alternative/pop band and I contribute to the harmonisation, bass lines and some guitar/piano melodies.

I’ve been writing music for roughly 4 years now – using Musescore, Garageband and now Ableton Live 10 lite, to express my ideas. The music I’ve written varies from indie/acoustic to full symphony orchestra so I have a decent understanding of various styles of writing and know how to make a bassline fit into them. Recently I have been writing heavy metal music and pop music in the style of Billie Eilish.

I also have a B in A Level Music.

What genre are you looking for me to play?

I’ll need an audio file of your song/project even if it is only drums or vocals, for example – an Ableton File for ableton 10 would also be useful but not essential and an audio works just as well

How do you want the bass to be – simple, complex, catchy etc?

Do you want any effects on the bass?

I can write you a bassline in any style except slap bass for your song. I play with fingers but can also use a pick if you’re looking for a crisper attack on the strings (although I do have a strong attack with fingers).

The bassline doesn’t have to specifically be your standard low-end rhythm section either – I can competently play lead bass and have developed various styles of soloing on the bass.

My main genre is metal/rock music however I can also write interesting and catchy grooves for pop songs. I use: EHX Big Muff Pi fuzz pedal, Behringer chorus pedal, EHX Crying Bass wah pedal, Boss OC-3 Octave Pedal

If you’re looking for soundscapes created using the bass, then I am the one for that too! I can create some interesting sounds using tapped harmonics as well as using my wah pedal that can complement the song.

I work fairly quickly with a general bassline being made within a day before I refine it the following day. This means I am reliable and can deliver the work on time.

I will deliver the file as a .WAV file for you to be able to import it into your project

If you’re wanting something on the piano or rhythm guitar, I can write for that too.

Looking forward to creating some music for you!

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Rebirth - My own written, recorded and produced song