Will Juergens

Songwriter and Songwriting Consultant

I’m a songwriter who creates lyrically/melodically captivating music for any genre/voice/character. I’ve been writing music professionally for the past 6 years.

Instruments were always around in my house and I grew up playing everything I could get my hands on. Around the age of 10 I began writing music which turned into a continued daily practice. In high school I began to experiment with production while studying music theory, and after graduating I dedicated myself to the pursuit of my musical interests. I currently release music as PM Mirror, and I have writing/production credits with artists like Synova and Shawn Haller.

To get started I’ll need a description of where you currently are at with your idea via text, audio, or phone conversation. Please include any relevant media such as demos, lyrics, and any inspiration/references. From here I’ll ask you to explain your vision and expectations, again using any relevant media to get your point across. After this I’ll give my input and propose a course of action.

Whether you need help filling out your idea or need a song from scratch I will cultivate interesting/authentic ideas in keeping with your vision for the project. I offer emotionally honest and theoretically unique songwriting in any genre. Depending on the needs of the project, I am comfortable writing a song from scratch, editing pre-written melodies and lyrics, or drawing the best version of your idea out through ongoing conversation/feedback. Sometimes projects call for multiple writers and I am comfortable working in a group setting as well. I am also a vocalist, pianist, and Logic Pro X certified producer capable of creating full production demos and samples.

I listen with intent to understand and I communicate clearly/directly in pursuit of the best possible product. You may be a label working with an artist looking for songs written through a specific lens, or an independent artist looking for someone to help bring your perspective to life. Either way, I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the best version of your project.

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Wildfire Romance (original lyrics, arrangement, production)
Pretty (original lyrics, arrangement, production)