Eros White

Award-Winning Producer, engineer and Pop Artist

Eros White seeks to introduce Uruguay to the mainstream map of Pop with a fresh sound and immaculate production. His solo work has led him to be recognized in the region as a key piece in the growing Pop scene, winning a Premio Graffiti (Graffiti Award) for “Best Electronic Music Single” in 2020, in addition to obtaining praise from international critics such as Anthony Fantano (TheNeedleDrop).

As a producer, he’s garnered accolades from prestigious media sites such as DJ Mag, DAZED Digital, Couvre x Chefs, etc. Eros produced Gia Love’s album “REAL” which won a Premio Graffiti in 2018 for “Best Electronic Music Album”, on that same year he produced A.M.I.G.A’s “”, nominated in the same category. In total, he’s earned 6 nominations in the last 3 years.

His debut album Formula, labeled by Kristel Latecki as “one of the best Uruguayan pop productions” and “excellent” by El País, Uruguay’s most renowned newspaper, revolves around the conflicts of being an independent artist in the music industry and was considered by several music sites as a highlight release of 2020.

Before you order I need you to have the stems for your song (if needed for the project) ready and in WAV format, I also need to know the song BPM. If you’re interested in production, I need to know if you have a home studio or a studio nearby where you can record your vocals with me guiding via videocall.

I’ve worked as a producer for over 15 artists in the last 5 years, working closely on bringing their vision to reality and beyond what they imagined. I’ve won awards for my production and, humblebrag, I’m considered to be the best Pop producer in the country. What interests me the most is finding that balance between something that sounds accessible and something that surprises the listener. Some projects lean more towards the radio-friendly part and others are purely experimental, I enjoy working on both.

Since 2020 I started to work as a mixing and mastering engineer, currently working closely with several labels in Uruguay and Argentina.

Production work highlights (available on all platforms):

“Falling” by Gia Love. (Pop, won a Premio Graffiti in 2018)
“Tarántula” by Anxiety Report and Davus. (Hardcore Reggaetón)
“Si Duele” by Mariana Zunino. (Pop)
“Sepiyito (Remix)” by Davus. (Trap/Pop)
“Enemiga” by A.M.I.G.A., Sara Hebe & Kira. (Reggaetón, reviewed by DAZED Digital and DJ Mag).
“Oxigeno Diatómixo” by Nomusa. (Dancehall)

Mixing-mastering work highlights (available on all platforms):

“AMR” by Gia Love. (Mixing and mastering)
“En mi Habitación” by Matt Montero. (Mastering)
“Hiperemotiva” by Nomusa. (Mixing and mastering)
“MALA” by Anxiety Report & Pobvio. (Mastering)

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