François Morel

Recording and Mixing engineer

I’m a recording and mixing engineer working in different fields. I’m specialized as a mixing engineer working on music, documentaries and short film. Furthermore, I learned audio production from Montreal at Musitechnic school and then worked as a freelance with different artist and organization. I’m also a music producer and arranger.

I was born with a Djembe in the hands. Not only that, but I always liked music and from 8 years old, I played on different show in my country. Coming from Reunion Island, I have a really multicultural and “multi-style”vibe when I produce or mix. I work from home in a dedicated studio built over the year. I work mainly in the box with good quality DSP. Finally, my vision about this work is quite simple and can be viewed as two sentences:
1- I’ll do everything to make it sound good
2- My mission is to bring your vision to life

Gear i use :
IntelI7 10700K, 32Go ram, Studio One / Reaper Mainly, Antelope Zen Go, Faderport8, Izotope plugin suite, Fab Filter, Waves bundles, Antelope DSP plugin (BAE1073-1083, 1171, LA2A, SSL BUS and Dark, MG4+ are some of my favorites) Studio Monitor
I can reach for analog gear if you want it.

If you want some sneak peaks of my work, you can look on instagram : @cefahprod
Or check the links in my profile
Some artist I work with : Noemie Jaarsma, Heritage (Sebastian Demrey and Jimmy Lahaie)as PA Mixer, Grégory Turpin as PA Mixer

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Mon-Wed : 8:00 to 18:00 Thurs : 13:00 to 19:00 Fri : 8:00 to 18:00 Hours are on Montreal time (GMT+4)