Ghost producer, Audio mixer, Beat maker

Hi everyone I go by the name Mjrtist, I attended school for audio engineering at Recording Arts Canada in Montreal. I have completed my course in audio engineering and I’m ready to take on some work. I don’t have any previous work experience but I have been making beats for about 10 almost 11 years now, I started making edm music mostly and have recently started to branch out of edm music into hip hop, lofi r&b and even picked up playing the guitar to further my musical knowledge. My services I can provide are mixing if you need a track to be mixed and ready for mastering I can provide that, I also can be a ghost producer and offer beats for singers/rappers or even royalty free beats for your videos ex: Youtube etc. Oh and for equipment I’m keep it simple and since I’m just starting out I use Logic pro x for my preferred daw and for speakers I use KRK Rockit 5s, had these speakers for years and also use the Focusrite Scarlett for my audio interface.

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I work Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm