Irving Montero

Indie Pop Music Producer

You’re an emerging indie singer-songwriter looking for a producer. You want someone who you can trust, has the right vibe, and works damn hard, and you’ve come to the right guy. 😉

Hello! ✌️ my name Irving. I’ve been writing, composing, mixing, and mastering my own songs and working with local artists in my city for 2 years. I’m also the owner of Fonno Studio, a business that has the purpose of providing better opportunities for emerging artists in the city of Morelia.

For me there’s nothing better than helping an artist develop into their full potential, that’s why I want to help you find your own style or refine your current one. 🤘

Want to work together?:
◼️ Send me a demo of your song and tell me about your inspirations and vision. I will give you feedback and get to know you better as an artist. 👨‍🎤
◼️ You’ll need to have a way to record your own vocals so you can send them to me. 🎙️

What I can do for you:
✔️ I will turn your song idea into a professional sounding indie-pop arrangement with electronic drums, synths & keyboards, electric or synth bass, and electric guitars. 🥁🎹🎸
✔️ I will mix and master your song so it’s ready to shine in all the streaming platforms. 📻

Artists that inspire me:
◻️ Tame Impala
◻️ Cigarettes After Sex
◻️ Parcels
◻️ The Midnight
◻️ Dayglow
◻️ Men I Trust
◻️ The Marías

So send me a message if you think we’re the right fit. I would love to hear from you. 😌

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This is my latest original song. I was the songwriter and producer. 🤘
This is a song I produced for a band from my city called Diary Notes. I added all the synths, the lead guitar parts (except the solo), helped with the arrangement, mixed and mastered it. 🎶


I'm available all week long, except on Sundays, that's when I like to play videogames all day. 😅