Irving Montero

Indie Pop Music Producer

What I can do for you:
✔️ I will turn your song idea into a professional sounding indie-pop arrangement with electronic drums, synths & keyboards, electric or synth bass, and electric guitars. 🥁🎹🎸
✔️ I will mix and master your song so it’s ready to shine in all the streaming platforms. 📻

Artists that inspire me:
◻️ Tame Impala
◻️ Cigarettes After Sex
◻️ Parcels
◻️ The Midnight
◻️ Dayglow
◻️ Men I Trust
◻️ The Marías

So send me a message if you think we’re the right fit. I would love to hear from you. 😌

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This is my latest original song. I was the songwriter and producer. 🤘
This is a song I produced for a band from my city called Diary Notes. I added all the synths, the lead guitar parts (except the solo), helped with the arrangement, mixed and mastered it. 🎶


I'm available all week long, except on Sundays, that's when I like to play videogames all day. 😅