Dmitry Karev

Pro Accordion Player

Hi! My name is Dmitry Karev. I’m a professional accordion player with more than 15 years of gig and studio experience!

I will need your music track with BPM information, your requirements (your ideas, required style of playing, etc) and sheet music (if applicable).

I will record pro quality accordion tracks for your song in any genre! If you want accordion in your track, but you don’t have definite part in mind – that’s not a problem, I’ll compose one for you! Of course, if you have sheet music or you need me to pick something up by ear – that’s completely fine as well!
For recording I use my top quality Bugari accordion and pro studio equipment!
For video recording I use a studio lights and background and multiple cameras. I can also shoot video outdoors!
Thanks for your attention! Looking forward to working with you!

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