Frank Sewe

Frankenstein the Phenom

I am a professional music producer and audio engineer. I at times double as an artist and write my own music as well as for other artists. My style of jams is very melodic but not restricted to it. I have 6 years experience in music production and engineering and have produced for a couple of A – list artists in my country. I love to be experimental at times and vibe with different styles and genres.

Session files (Cubase 5, Studio One, Logic Pro, Fl Studio) – for any other DAW please export and send stems.
Give me a guideline for the job i.e mix, instrumental, songwriting
Credit me on the release.

I offer production, engineering and songwriting services. I am proficient in Cubase, Studio One, Fl Studio, Logic Pro softwares ( Pro Tools sessions should preferably be sent as stems). I can mix sessions of up to 3 singer/rapper performances. I mix both singers and rappers vocals efficiently. My mixes emulate mix engineer’s, Jaycen Joshua – he probably mixed one of your favorite records. I take about 3 days to be completely done with the final version of a mix, however if the client is not satisfied with the mix, I am open to revise the mix with them.

I produce a vast array of genres, I am keen on listening to the artists/songwriters details when I am creating instrumentals. I can also do type beats for whichever artist the client desires. At times I do beats with hooks on them, so if a client requests it I can provide a few.

I can write full songs or just hooks depending on what the client desires. I am able to build up on songs from guitar or piano chords, melodies and specific directions given by the client.

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Deserve ft Frankenstein the Phenom, Gabriel
Quarantine Fever Instrumental prod. Frankenstein the Phenom