Leonard Wolf

Composer/Producer, Songwriter, Keyboards Track Guy

I have worked with many independent music artists in many styles and can point you to numerous examples of my work once I know the genre/style that interests you. Some of the major artists I have worked with include Garth, Dr. Hook, Donna Summer, and Don Everly.

I am a fast, versatile Emmy winning (and many other awards and recognition) Songwriter, Vocalist, Engineer, Music Producer, Composer and Sound Designer.

I have used computer based audio technology from its beginnings. I have done award winning work in every genre and type of media. I do a lot of remote work for clients all over the world.

You will find I’m easy to work with, great at direction and creativity, expert and experienced. Let’s schedule an interview and discuss how I can serve your musical vision. 

Thanks for your time and consideration, Leonard Wolf Music

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Funk Cat
Stick Around - Festigious LA best song July 2020