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My name is Andrew Currier (a.k.a SoundReserve). I’m a Nashville based producer, classically trained composer and cruise line keyboardist. I have produced various tracks ranging from pop, orchestral, electronic, and soundtrack. I have a bachelor’s degree in music from Northwestern College in Iowa. I’ve worked with many talented artists in the past including, Karis, Bailey Jehl, Corey Horn, and Liz Labelle. Music has taken me all over the country and all over the world.

Many artists I’ve worked with have great song ideas and melodies, but aren’t sure how to make it all come to life, or what direction they want to go with a song. I have a good ear for harmonies, which can make a vocal part really shine, along with good taste in musical arrangements! My job is not done until the artist is happy! My rates are very reasonable, so just shoot me a message and we can discuss rates that fit your budget!

To get started, all I need from you is a basic demo of your song (with click if available) along with at least 3 of your favorite artists or specific songs that can serve as references as we work on the track. Include any notes that will help me create the track in the vibe you are looking for.

– Send me the tempo and key of your song if one has been decided.

– If capable, a separate scratch lead vocal stem would be helpful for me as I work on the music arrangement.

– Once I’ve created the general vibe of the track, I will send it over for you to record your vocals.

– Once you’ve recorded and have sent me your dry vocal stems, I can proceed to mix and master the whole track.

– I can certainly guide you though the recording process if you have any questions that may come up along the way.

A Full Production Will Include:

– Instrumental track based on your musical or genre preference (Drums, Bass, Keys, Synth, Guitar, Strings, Almost Anything)
– Vocal Tuning
– Vocal FX
– EQ
– Compression
– Stereo Widening
– Track Limiting
– Mixing
– Mastering

My Music Gear/Plugins:

– Protools 11 (Industry Standard DAW)
– Komplete 11 Native Instruments
– Massive
– Spitfire Orchestra
– Melodyne
– Fabfilter Plugins
– Splice
– iZotope Vocal Synth 2
– Yamaha MX88 Keyboard
– M-Audio Code 49 MIDI Controller

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