Alex Murphy

Alt/Indie/Rock/Pop Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Hi! I’m a producer in Nashville using my multi-instrumental abilities and songwriting expertise to build great songs and turn them into great records!

With abilities on guitar, drums, bass, keys, and vocals, I’m a one-stop-shop for indie/alt/rock productions!

My most valuable expertise is my creative judgement – I can analyze your song against your influences, identify where the song is strong and where it falls short to build the most exciting version of the song, and envision an arrangement and production that will deliver the song with the highest impact.

My second most valuable expertise is my technical ability – with the creative vision clearly in mind, I can use my instrumental abilities to arrange and perform the parts, as well as my production abilities to capture, edit, and mix the parts into an excellent and unique record.

This process is my favorite thing in the world. Does it sound fun to you? If so, I hope to talk with you soon!



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Come Back to Me by Grainger - My solo project. Engineered by Elise McCoy. Production, songwriting, performance by me.
Tell Me by Grainger - My solo project. Production, engineering, songwriting, performance by me.