Andy Ellison

Nashville Session Musician and Producer

My name is Andy Ellison and I’m a session musician and producer in Nashville, TN. I specialize in utility instruments such as pedal steel, banjo, dobro, mandolin, and lap steel as well as all kinds of guitars both acoustic and electric. Since 2014 I’ve made a living making music with a wide array of artists, producers, and songwriters creating music from country to indie rock to EDM. In addition to being a session sideman, I’ve also had the opportunity to produce artists and help them express themselves while making music that is true to who they are. My playing can be heard on recordings from artists such as Jon Pardi, Waterloo Revival, Sons of Daughters, Jordan DePaul, Spencer Crandall, and many more.

Overdubs: I’ll just need a rough file of what you have so far and the bpm if applicable. You can also include any notes on the style or part you’re going for along with any specific song references.

Full Production: I’ll need a recording of your song. This can be a fully-produced version that you’d like to have re-done or a phone recording of you and an acoustic guitar. I’ll also need to know what type of elements you’re wanting to include and songs to reference throughout the production process.

I am available for two main services.

The first is remote overdubbing instruments onto your song. This can include any of the following instruments: pedal steel, banjo (5 or 6 string), dobro, mandolin, lap steel, acoustic guitar (standard, nylon string, high strung, resonator), and electric guitar (standard, baritone, slide guitar).

The second service is providing full production, tracking, mixing and mastering of your song. You can send something as simple as in iPhone voice memo and I can work with a network of musicians and engineers in Nashville to turn your song into a final product that is radio and streaming-ready.

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Pedal Steel samples


Mon-Sat: 6am-10pm