Cheri McCormick


Hi! My name is Cheri McCormick. Given my background of vocal performance (live shows and studio), I feel that I can offer you a professional voice with authenticity, personal style and versatility for your future audio projects. Also, I have had the wonderful opportunity of receiving the title of Mistress of Ceremonies and have announced for many events with Lola Smith. I have enjoyed creating my own line of Therapeutic Meditation exercises and have been able to provide strong Narrative in that form. Last but not least, I am currently in progress of providing Narrative for an Audio Book and I have discovered a special skill that can bring to life each character with a unique voice of believability.

I need a simple recording of your song ( mp3 ) vocal or instrumental with piano or guitar accompaniment. chords or lead sheet if possible. I will also need a wave form ( 44.1 ) of the track in stereo to put the final vocal on. I will record the song and send you an mp3 for approval via We Transfer. I can also send you the raw vocal without effects if you wish to mix it yourself. I guarantee my work with a 100% refund if you are not satisfied. I will do 2 revisions and as many edits as needed to complete the track. If you need a male vocal, they can be added for an additional charge of 150.00 dollars.

Vocals for 150.00
I can add a vocal to your existing tracks. I am a Alto similar to Karen Carpenter and Diana Krall. I work with an Austrian Audio OC18, Lawson Tube and Lawson Fet microphone, DTC Mindprint Mic Pre Amp, TC Re-verb 4000, korg D16XD analog multi-track recorder with digital outputs to computer DAW. Waves effects and Audition editing.

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