Producer, Audio Engineer, Mixer

I am a Nashville based audio engineer & producer. A degree in music production, 5 years of front of house, 7 years of audio engineering, & 4 years of production have equipped me for almost any scenario. I’ve worked with artists, songwriters, bands, & podcasters. I have the technical experience and creativity for any project.

Here is what I am best at:
– soundscaping and sound shaping…I gravitate towards and bring to life sounds that resonate with the body and soul
– helping your song / podcast sound RIGHT even if its against the rules…I know how to make a mix sound perfect, but perfect isn’t always right. I am happy to break the rules
– approaching technical work as a listener and fan before approaching as an engineer…It’s important in the creative process to listen to your work as a listener and fan. As creatives we tend to listen to our work in an over-analytical manner, which can be damaging to the process sometimes. It is good and healthy to take a step back and just LISTEN.
– creative communication…I work with lots of people that do not have the vocabulary or articulation to communicate what they are looking for. And that’s ok! I am great at listening and translating.

Whether you need lush pads for your song, tightly edited and tuned vocals, a mix that expresses the emotion of a song, or warm captivating mixes on a podcast…I am your guy.

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