Jake DeJarnett

Nashville Session Bassist

My name is Jake DeJarnett and I am a session bassist out of Nashville Tn. My passion is creating bass lines that complement the song and arrangement while adding a solid foundation. I am focused on the groove of the track from the drums and matching the melodic side at the same time. Ive worked with many artists all over the world, covering a wide range of genres from worship to hard rock.

To begin, please send me the song (with BPM) you would like bass to with styalistic notes of direction.

Also I have a 2 revision max without charging a for a re-track, so after the first pass, please be as specific as possible (for entire song) on any revisions you may have. I also send a amped version of tone I would pick plus a DI file so you can reamp or make further edits if you like.

Look forward to getting started on your song!

Jake DeJarnett

My name is Jake DeJarnett and I’m a session bassist out of Nashville Tn, with my own high end recording studio capable of providing a solid bass line to your tracks.

Using top of the line gear like Neve, SSL, Kemper, Avalon, and hundreds of plugins for tracking and high end basses like Fender and Warwick to achieve great tone. The tools for the job plus the experience of working for 16 years as a professional musician combine to a great sounding and feeling bass line to match your tracks style and intensity.

I have worked with artists and producers like Caleb Quaye (Elton John), Dustin Smith(Here Be Lions), Michael Farren (Lauren Daigle, Pocket Full Of Rocks), Kellie and Kristen, and a lot more. I am very flexible and work to please the ears of the producer and artist.

I consistently get feedback that my tone, style, and groove are exactly what they’re looking for and how they are drag and drop files which work perfect for the track.

Charting music by ear and having the song written down as its being played, allows me to get right to work and have a product back to you in a timely fashion. Usually 1 day!

I deliver a professionally recorded bass line to fit the creative vision for the song that is completely edited and time aligned to the grid to make sure things are tight.

On delivery I send the raw “DI” files as well as the “Amp”ed recordings, and a mix of how I would process the bass for a mix ready version to just drop into your session.

I LOVE helping artists solidify their vision and give them exactly what they would want from a remote session bassist. I look forward to working with you!

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John Mayer Style Backing track. Clean bass with lots of groove and walking to add to the song.
Modern worship recreation with a more aggressive bass tone to fill out the guitars and add body to the track.