JD Lenick

Drummer/Programmer/Beat Maker

I really enjoy the process of taking a song and finding the right drumset elements to enhance the message of the artist. Listening and creating parts, finding sounds, figuring out when enough is enough, etc. I love working with an artist and their vision to create a great sounding + feeling track.

I also love creating programming, perc, loops, samples, and other “stuff” for songs. Taking an existing song that may already have a great drum track and adding those extra flavors that give it energy, movement, and a unique character. I like recording “live” percussion, dropping in samples, chopping up loops, programming drum machines, and doing just about anything else to get a vibe happening. I do a lot of this work remotely from my home studio in Nashville, TN.

Most importantly, I love people. Part of why I pursued music is to be around people and create something together. I love making new friends, sharing common interests, and simply hanging out.

I prefer to receive four separate stems from the existing song: vocals, drums, perc, and band (anything that’s not drums/perc). If you have existing perc/drums that are for sure stayin in the final, make sure they’re separate from any of the demo material.

I’ll also need to know the basic session specs — bpm, bit rate, sample rate, and anything else you think might be important to know.

If you have reference songs that are the “sound” you’re going for, let me know those as well!

I typically try to listen to the song first, with no outside references to just see what vibe I get from the song itself. Then I check out any reference songs that you may provide. I try to get a feel for what the artist wants from me and from the song and then go from there.

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