Kate Malone

Producer/Mix Engineer

Need a full band track built for a song that you believe in? Have a vocal track that just lacks that “wow-factor”? Today’s radio-ready sound requires a lot of behind-the-scenes processing, and if you want your song to compete you need to work with someone who knows ALL the tricks.


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I’m a professional producer, mix engineer and vocal editor from Nashville who has 5+ years of experience building tracks for top country and pop songwriters. My clients pitch their songs to A&R heads at major record labels in Nashville, L.A. and beyond. I’m new to this website, but I typically spend my days taking freshly written songs from iPhone voice memos to a full scale production ready to impress a publisher or record label in just a matter of hours. When you walk into a meeting, you need to feel confident that your song sounds just as good as what’s on the charts today, and a full-band production with guitars, bass, drums, acoustic instruments and a professionally edited vocal can give you that Top 40 sound that gets attention.

I’ve produced and mixed tracks that have appeared in TV shows — “Switched At Birth” (Freeform Network), “Greek” (ABC Family), “Ten Things I Hate About You” (ABC Family), “Make It Or Break It” (ABC Family), and “The City” (MTV) as well as the feature film The Darkest Hour (Fox).

Are you a Country Artist? I can tweak a raw singer songwriter vocal to sound polished, but still honest and natural.

Are you a Pop Artist? I can give you those long reverb hits, delay layers, and vocoder tracks to take your production to the next level.

Excited to hear your worktape or voice memo of your song and get started!

CREDITS: Sam Hunt, Freeform Network, ABC Family, MTV, Fox

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