Michael McQuaid

Emotional Vocalist & Topliner

I am a professional session vocalist, topliner and songwriter with 10+ years of experience. My songs have been featured on various tv shows on MTV, FOX, & LIFETIME. I put passion and emotion behind everything I sing. I work with all different types of writers, artists, and producers. I’m looking to expand those opportunities with people like you!

I ask for the following before I get started on your session:
Reference vocals & lyrics *Not applicable if I’m writing

I put passion and emotion into every song. Behind my vocal and songwriting influences are Ryan Tedder, Miguel, Bruno Mars, Robert Plant, Sam Cooke, & Otis Redding. Every song has a personal touch while being commercially viable. You will always receive professional grade recordings from me!

I include leads, doubles, harmonies, ad-libs, BGVs, etc – whatever it takes to bring the song to life and deliver professional quality.
I professionally record, tune, and comp everything myself in my home studio. When I send the stems they will be mixed (effects and everything) and another dry (no effects, just tuned).
I pride myself in being able to work efficiently and give a professional product.

If my prices do not fit within your budget, please reach out to me and I can create a custom offer based on your needs.

I look forward to collaborating with you on your next project and making your vision come to life 🙂

1 review

  1. High quality work with a fast turnaround time!

    Michael was professional and responded to my inquiry very quickly. I had a great experience all-around!

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Dead Man Walking (ROCK)