Classically trained harpist, vocalist, & composer

I have written and recorded harp on Grammy award-winning songs with Jack White, as well as with bands in every genre: The Chariot, mewithoutYou (hardcore), Ricky Skaggs (bluegrass), Brooke Waggonner (songwriter), Coin (rock) & over 50 other artists. I have been featured on over 50 albums to date.
I also am the 1st chair harpist in the Jackson Symphony Orchestra.

I can bring a unique element to your music, writing and recording parts on my beautiful full-sized classical Salvi harp (handcarved in Italy).

I will provide 2 lines for you to mix: 1 tube mic and 1 condenser

I am happy to play a part you have written, or write a harp part for you!

I also specialize in floaty, ethereal vocals. I was the featured vocalist for the soundtrack of the movie “Heart of Man”, and was the lead soloist for Rachel Grime’s folk opera “The Way Forth”.

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Of Cloudless Climes and Starry Skies (solo harp- original)
Night Girl: Nycteris Sees the Sun (vocals & harp, original)