Trey Bruce

Professional Songwriter/Producer/Publisher

Terms like rock, pop, r&b and country no longer accurately describe the majority of music that we listen to so, it can’t be how we describe what we, as creators, do.
I’m Trey…I’m an Emmy Award Winning Songwriter, Producer, Music Publisher…addicted to artist development. I’ve won 16 ASCAP Awards for the most played songs at radio, an ACM Song of the Year nomination and my songs have been featured more than 400 times in TV cues, feature uses and network trailers. As a songwriter, that is not an artist, I’ve spent most of my career getting cuts by artists that just want to sing the best song they can find. In the most recent 10 years that has flipped to almost writing exclusively with the artists as, they want to be involved in the writing process. Also by not being an artist myself, I’m genre free, in that I love writing/producing in multiple types and styles of music, commercial and otherwise. Because I work with Rock, Alternative, Country and Americana artists I still keep a production presence in analogue recording and processing at my studio. I write a lot for TV and pop artists and with 60% of mainstream country artists identifying as pop, I thrive recording digitally on a daily basis, completely in-the-box top to finish.
My job description changes every day. Some people hire me to consult, some to produce and some just to co-write the songs.

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