Abin Sam

Architect and Music Producer

My name is Abin Sam. I am the founder of Archangel Studios, a platform that combines music production, architecture, and visual arts. I occasionally compose, draft, render, and scribble music and arts for a masterpiece.

Prior to placing your order, we require your trust and your smile. It takes only one click to make you feel truly valued for the money spent on the project.

Howdy! I’ve worked for over 500 clients over the last decade and have consistently delivered the best results for them. I am the founder of Archangel Studios, a record label and recording studio. My team and I compose, edit, design, cover, mix, and master audio on a variety of different phase levels. So, you tell us your story, and we set the tone for you. Besides non official customers, I had also worked for government, ministry of health and defence, embassies, dignitary offices and sectors of WHO organisations. I use the Focusrite 18i20, HS8, Neuman Audio Series, Audiotechnia Filters, Big Knob Studies Series, Roland Space Designer, Native Instruments, Machine 2, Yamaha S950 Workstation, Alesis Keytar, Orange Amps, Laney Amps, and a slew of other high-end gears that you can check out when you visit our studio space!

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Imagine Ft. Big Jay


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