Thorsten Meister

Music Producer

I’m 15 years old, at least that’s what my parents tell me, and I make beats and melodies and stuff (5% success rate). My only real history is a Recording Arts class, in which I learned to use various music producing programs such as Ableton, and a couple piano recitals in the 2nd grade. I’ve known and talked with musicians like Jeremy/Julian Soule and Jeremy Roberts, because my dad is pretty heavily involved in the film and production business, and I’ve been involved as an intern for a while now because I can make decent music and also because I have a “pulse”. One of my projects was actually used in a model for a pitch Julian gave to me and my dad for their new virtual sonic surround sound headphones idea. I make 1-3 songs per day, and am continuously improving, and, as informed to me by these gentlemen, am already ready to get into the professional scene.

Hey, I would suggest checking out some of my stuff. I heard it isn’t too bad. I do much of a combination of everything, between electric and hip-hop/rap beats, and not even just beats, sometimes entire songs in general, too more orchestral music. I take inspiration from many bands and artists, but most specifically Coldplay (crazy right). I like their nice combination of orchestral and electric, always been a big fan of them, and have learned a lot about transitions and bridges and all the different parts of the song through their music. So yeah, hey, at least you could just see what I have to offer, I promise it’ll be worth as much time as going through anybody else’s stuff. However, if you would like to also not to that, the little arrow button is up in the upper left hand corner, or… I don’t know how you exit out of things, especially on Melody Nest, so you just do it your way.

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