Beat Maker, Producer, Arranger

If your looking for some unconventional bounce or need a new beat direction for an existing song I’m your guy.

I am a producer from New York and have worked with many artists in the NYC area including Manolo Rose, Donnie Durag, Slim Dollars, Brodie Fresh, Snubbs, Bub Styles, ARXV & many more.

I aim to continue working with artists in the tristate area but at the same time expand my horizons by working with artists on a global scale.

I don’t believe In a one size fits all mentality so lets have a conversation if you feel like I could bring value to your project.

I make Hip Hop and R&B Beats. If you need beats or have songs/vocal recordings/acapellas that need a new canvas or need to be revamped I can help
make that happen.

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