Natalie Oliveri

Vocalist & Topline Writer

I am a professional Vocalist & Topline Writer who records remote work for producers and beatmakers in all genres. My main area of expertise is in Soul, R&b, Hip-Hop, Acoustic and Jazz styles. I have worked and travelled with Artists internationally and have had my recordings featured on television and media . Networks including, BET, USA NETWORK, TELEMUNDO, THE CW and I also make custom music for television shows and commercials via youku and other companies overseas. You can also find my personal and featured albums on digital platforms under Natalie Oliveri & Melody to Beats.

In order to work with a producer , they must first send over the track and choose between 3 options . 1. Vocals for an already written track 2. Topline Writing only 3. Custom Track from scratch. From there they will have to give specifics on the project and they will have to pay a deposit fee for the start of demo 1 once everything is clear. Any other specifics as far as payment and music differs with each individual project. I will most likely ask for 1-2 references, Bpm and if they would like a general idea of the mood or theme for lyrics. Will also send over a basic agreement. Most tracks I write to will be on a work for hire ( Budget needed) basis with splits in the royalties. ( Once again each project will be different) Some projects may go under my company or pseudonym name if the genre is not related to my personal recording artist work.

I have a professional DAW set-up to record high quality Vocals for Producers, Musicians and Beatmakers. The price varies depending on the work but I record my singing vocals for Producers who already have a set melody and lyrics in place or can do topline writing for already done beats and instrumental tracks. Able to write a full song structure ( verses, hook , bridge etc..) or just a hook if needed. I can also write songs from scratch if the budget permits. I have worked for with and alongside Gloria Estefan, Brothers Johnson, Estelle and international Hip Hop mc’s, beatmakers and Artists under Jakarta Records, Ropeadope, Pony Canyon Records, Styrism in Japan and several other internationally known Indie labels. Once I finish writing the track, I send over the vocal stems in an organized file format.

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