Kenny Peagler

Multi-genre Pianist and MD

Kenny Peagler is an internationally acclaimed, multi-genre pianist, composer, songwriter, musical director, and educator. His artistic arsenal spans the spectrum of genres including jazz, classical, popular, rhythm and blues, and gospel with a raw and honest approach that delivers musical integrity filled with rich emotions.

“…he brings a wonderful energy and creativity..”, said the late renowned pianist, Geri Allen. “Kenny on the Yamaha [piano] and his high tones raise the hairs on my arms and the chills run over my back. The song does something experimental, which makes it difficult for the public to keep the attention in front of the stage, but watch the open-mouthed dining rooms. As a conservatory-educated pianist Kenny mixing a N’awlins rhythm with a Ray Charles and even a classical theme, attention is also back in the back of the stage rather than at the bar” says The Blues Alone during a live performance at the North Sea Club in Amsterdam.

His music is a mix of lyrical melodies, dense harmonies, fluid technique, and a rhythmic heartbeat that takes listeners on an eclectic and soulful musical excursion. Peagler’s musical personality forms a dichotomy. He is first and foremost a pianist and greatly cherishes the surprise and wonder that can occur from a spontaneous musical idea that is expressed in real time. But he also has a deep fascination for blending various genres and connecting with other musicians and the audience on a deeper level, which informs everything he plays. Kenny Peagler delivers a sound that is rich in his inspirations while still defining his own voice.

As a pianist and organist, Kenny has played on fourteen internationally released albums and has composed for countless artists.

Peagler has performed around the world at a steady pace for many years, as a sideman and as a solo pianist. Peagler performed for President Barack Obama at the NAACP Bicentennial Celebration, held in New York City and appeared as a pianist on the hit Middle Eastern reality television show, Yalla NY. He was the keyboardist for Source Magazine’s “Source 360”, held in front of an audience of 20,000 at the Barclays Center in New York City with Lil’ Kim, Wu-Tang Clan, and Tribe Called Quest. Kenny has performed at some of the most notable venues including Carnegie Music Hall, Village Underground, The Blue Note in New York City, North Sea Jazz Club in Amsterdam, Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi in Italy, Oslo Konserthus in Norway, Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh Jazz Festival, and Italy’s legendary Umbria Winter Jazz Festival. Throughout his career, he has performed with countless musical icons.

Like many pianists, Kenny studied and performed classical works at a young age. As a teenager, he was heavily immersed in classical, jazz, soul, and gospel music. Growing up exposed to such a wide range of genres helped advance his ear for music, develop his harmonic palette, and showed him firsthand the power that music can have in connecting the performer with the audience and the audience with each other.

“He brings a wonderful energy and creativity..” – Geri Allen (Pianist/Educator)

“Peagler’s ability to utilize one primary instrument without it becoming redundant or stale distinctly displays a sense of mastery and thought-provoking initiative to create an exuberant piece of music that will remain timeless for years to come.” – Artistrack

“… Kenny Peagler on the Yamaha [piano] makes the hair rise on my arms and shivers run over my back… ….” – The Blues Alone – Live Performance Review (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

“…where stands brightly on keyboards: Kenneth Peagler…. Wonderful.”
– Orvieto News (Orvieto, Italy)

“In his inventive solos he is colorful and effortlessly switches between lyrical and ecstatic play. He produces a lot of notes and constantly surprises with slick harmonic twists. His playing is unheard of and is rooted in the tradition of old masters such as Ray Bryant and Earl Hines.” – Draai on je oran (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Videos and sound files available on

I’ll need to have any blueprints or finished files that you have – if there are vocals, please include those as well. Ill also need to know if you have any file format requirements. If you have any examples of another artist that inspires your songs, please let me know that as well.

I can provide Rhodes, Piano, organ, and/or synth playing to your track. I have access to a full service professional service and I use Logic Pro X at home. I also have a Yamaha grand piano (which is tuned to perfection), a ton of VSTs including, but not limited to Keyscape, and a Hammond organ.

As a studio musician, I’ve been known to give an abundance of options so that you always have choices and I am excellent at changing anything to meet your needs.

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