Maria Di Cara

Professionally Trained Vocalist

Hello! I am a session singer, songwriter, certified audio engineer and producer. I also sell royalty free boutique themed vocal sample libraries on a platform by Native Instruments. I have sung in 16 languages in my career and am fluent in 4, I have trained classically in Italy, and gone to college for Performing Arts & Musical Theater in New York City. Pop is 1 of my favorite genres as well as Cinematic Ethnic Music such as Lisa Gerrards’ Vocals and Production in Gladiator with Hans Zimmer.
I have 2 artist channels
MÄDUZA MUSIC (World Music)
QUEEN CHAMELEON (Pop, Rab, R&B Channel.)

I have collaborated and worked for Grammy & Emmy Winning Producers and Engineers such as Guy Roche, Michèle Vice, Barry Rudolph, Francis Buckley, Nino Martinez Sun Powered Pictures, and more.

I also have a free educational podcast where I interview industry professionals and let them share their knowledge and expertise so as to enrich the arts community and inform new artists of the most current up to date information in the entertainment industry.

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Legends Within - Queen Chameleon
Ashes - Mäduza & Tenka Felix Herbst


Mon- Fri 10:00am -6:00pm EST Sat-Sun 10:00am – 3:00pm EST