Ty Ellenbogen

Music Producer, Vocalist, Guitarist, Lyricist

I am a music producer who is well-versed in Logic Pro X. With 9+ years of experience as a multi-instrumentalist (specializing in guitar) and vocalist, I’m able to arrange and produce most styles of music. I have a strong jazz background, giving me a deep understanding of music theory. However, I write and produce music in the pop/r&b vein as well, so I have experience across many genres.

The most important thing is that clients have a solid idea of what they want going in. Once that is established, I can do my job much more easily! On the technical side, too, I will need any DAW sessions you’re working in or audio tracks you have recorded.

I want to help you deliver your artistic message to the best of my ability! I value your creative vision and work hard to deliver professional results while staying true to your artistic “voice.”

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